Monday, February 21, 2011


Don't you just hate to see a three day weekend come to an end? I sure do. Even though I worked really hard, I didn't get everything done that I planned. I didn't even do anything on Sarah's quilt or Emma's but everything else got worked on and even an extra item. It was great. I am really glad I got as much done as I did.

These are blocks for the quilt we started up in Brigham City at the retreat. Love to make this block/ Pattern is Labor Day Stars by Pat Speth,

I'm out of baby quilts right now, so I thought I better get one made just in case. Never know when you might need one. I started this one a few days ago and finished it over the weekend.

Our quilt guild is doing a fun block of the month this year. It's black and white and you add a color that you pick out of a can of crayons each month at guild meeting. You're not supposed to look so it will be a random color quilt. It's supposed to have 12 blocks, but I decided that I would make 2 of each block so that I would have enough for a queensize quilt when I'm done. I love the BQ pattern so I am going to set my quilt together with that. So here are the first two blocks done little differently.

I remembered on Saturday that a friend of mines birthday is in a few days. She loves Nativity sets and I had this great one. Laser cut and fun to do. I think she will like it.

My friend Becky came over and brought me two wonderful treasures. Calendars from 1940 and 1960. I love these. How cute is that baby? The calendars are in terrific shape. I am thrilled.!

Jan has wonderful pictures of Emily Bailey's class at the Quilt Walk. She is one talented lady. Skip on over to take a peek. Get your registrations in. We have lots of fun surprises for you this year!

Tired but happy!


  1. Whoa, you had a good weekend. We only had good intentions at our house.

  2. Very impressive. I especially like the star blocks. I've never seen that pattern before!