Sunday, August 29, 2010


Nan called and told me to run up and see her sewing room. "It's almost back together again, but I have alot of stuff!" Now just what quilter doesn't! We love stuff. I love all the newest gadgets, a new ruler or pattern will give me a sleepless night, yardage...well we won't go down that road. These are the things I pondered as I drove up the road to Nan's house. Now Nan and I are alot alike. You can never have too much stuff. Our only problem is the time we need to do something with that wonderful "stuff". Nan just took everything out of her sewing room, repainted, carpeted, put up in new shelving, new totes for various fun things and sorted for days. I was excited to see the results!

Nan got an incredible sewing table and chair. We all need room to spread out! It's perfect! Check out the shelves with totes all labeled with what's inside (how great is that?). There are boxes and bins with all of the same things, Jenny Beyer kits, levis that are sewn for a rag quilt, levis that are cut for one, squares, strips, patterns, fat quarters have all found a new home in this wonderful room.

Now Nan's favorite color is red, and if you are ever looking for extra red, you might want to check with her... she probably has it! I love it! It is so good to see someone else with the addiction that I have! As I have said before "You can't have too much fabric".

Now I am inspired to do something with my spaces.(notice I said spaces) I don't know as I will go to the extreme of painting etc, but I do have a bunch of totes waiting to be filled. I just love Nan and she always inspires me to be a better person and a better quilter, and if I haven't seen some new fabric, blog, book or pattern she keeps me updated on that too! Now who could ask for more! Thanks Nan for sharing your sewing room!

Isn't it fun to see where we sew? I don't think it matters where we sew as much as it matters that we sew. With the events in my life in the past few weeks I realize how lucky I am that I have something that literally takes my breath away and I have friends like Nan to share it with. Life is so very good! Make sure you breathe deep and enjoy every day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life's Journey

We have been in Huntington since Wednesday night, but came home last night on a special errand. Joe (Sherrie's husband) ordered a handmade cherrywood casket from Figs in Orderville and we told him we would go get it. What nice people! The casket is breathtaking! There is a plaque the size of a turkey platter on the inside top that you can have any picture woodburned into. Sherrie loved the property up on the Fishlake and so they had a picture of the valley woodburned onto the plaque. So personal and meaningful. We felt very honored to go pick it up.

Today I made a throw for the casket. I quilted it in heart shaped leaves. I had ask JuNette what she thought about having everyone in the family sign it as a form of saying "Goodbye". She thought that was a great idea. It is a very simple quilt, but it will be full of love.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Sherri was Leon's ex-wife. She was the mother of their children.. Destry and JuNette. She was my friend. She took her life on Wednesday....

We knew she was suffering from some problems, but we all thought her medication was working and she was improving. We just went to Lagoon with her 2 weeks ago and Leon had seen her at our grandson's Aaronic priesthood special day last Sunday. She was happy and engaging.

We will never know of the demons she fought second by second. We just know that the blackness was too much. I know that Heavenly Father has a special place in his heart for those whose lives are so broken. I know she is in a better place and that in this life she was loved.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday Sewing Night...Re-energizing myself

We had our Wednesday sewing night last week and I think I had a burn out. I literally did not do one thing but talk. I took my basket with blocks to cut for my Civil War Quilt and even took one out to do...but the rotary cutter never met the mat! I just didn't have the umph that it took to concentrate on any one thing. That is very rare for me and I left early, went home and finished watering, took a walk and was in bed by 10:00. Must have been under the weather for sure!

Good thing the other ladies weren't that way. JeriLu showed 3 three quilts that she had just gotten back from Shari

Dianne is way a head of me on the Civil War Quilt blocks. She has at least 6 done and Marylou is just cranking out wonderful tops. It is so fun to see them all.

Do you ever get a moment that you just can't do it? It is so rare for me that Jan even called me the next day and ask if I was sick. I think we all just need to breathe for a moment or two and re-energize. That was what I must have been doing.
What about you? How do you re-energize??? What is that thing you do to completely redo yourself?


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love my Porch and a new Quilt to boot!

What a wonderful day! Overcast and cooler and quiet. My company all left this morning and they even cleaned the house(how lucky was I?) I came home from church and sat on the porch watching the hummingbirds and picking the songs for Sacrament for the next three months. It was truly a nice afternoon. Do you have a porch? My house was built in 1875 and has this side porch off the kitchen(actually we use it as our front door, since no one goes to our front door) and it is surrounded by lilac bushes and trees so it is vey private. I love it. It is my favorite place in the whole yard.

Friday night I had to do something new and fun for a change. I had received Cheryl Phillips Banded Agate pattern and so I got busy and did it. Fun pattern. By midnight I had it finished and love it. I think I should find that blog that is doing the Friday Night quilt project because I could qualify. I still have my two unfinished quilts on the machine to do, but I needed a project that I could see results from. Perfect!

I loved it so much I started another one on Saturday(company had gone on a bike ride and river raft trip) I will finish it tommorrow and post a picture then. Nice feeling to get something done. Summer is flying by and I feel very aware that my projects aren't getting finished like I had hoped. Oh well tommorrow is another day!