Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Favorite things ...Snow and Quilting Retreats

This morning I woke up to 2" of snow and still snowing. How much fun is that. Now I can say that because I work 2 blocks from my house. If I had to drive anywhere further than that I would not like it. This is the kind of day that I would have liked to stay home, by the fire(we heat our home with a woodburning stove)sew a new project, drink hot chocolate, and basically just putter, while every once in a while just stopping to gaze out the window. I love that.

What is your favorite way to spend a snow day?

This afternoon Nan and I went up to Ruby's Inn to a Winter Quilt Retreat that Bonnie puts on every February. It is so fun to see all of these ladies. Some of them we only see once a year. It is really good to rceconnect with old friends.

Bonnie was teaching a class on Pineapple Log Cabin Blocks today so Nan and I signed up. It was a technique class and alot of fun.
The following are more of her samples:

Love these colors!

Each was so different!

This one is the one I want to make.

Nan and I just took scraps to make couple of the blocks. It was really fun and I have added a pineapple log cabin quilt to my to do list! Here's my sample block.

Here's Nan's:

Tommorrow we are taking a class to service our featherweights and Friday I am teaching a class. Something fun everyday! This time of the year it is nice to get out of the doldrums of winter and playwith our fabrics!

Let me know what you do to get out of the winter doldrums!

Keep Smiling!


  1. Oh those quilts are beautiful. Love your blocks. Have fun.

  2. I sure wish I was there with you at Ruby's Inn. I'm very sad to miss it this year! Tell Bonnie and everyone else I say hello, and have fun with all your classes.