Monday, February 28, 2011


My neighbor Sharon called and wanted me to run over and help her with a quilt she was making for her granddaughter. She couldn't decide how to lay it out. She was still making these fun blocks and wanted my ideas for pulling it all together. It was fun to share ideas and see what she came up with. She is so creative and finished it in 4 days. I love the colors and the layout she ended up with.

This is the center and she decided to surround it with a teal blue to bring out the blocks.

Then she added the extra blocks to the corners along with more teal and finished up with the floral print.

It just makes me smile when I look at it! Awesome job Sharon!


Monday, February 21, 2011


Don't you just hate to see a three day weekend come to an end? I sure do. Even though I worked really hard, I didn't get everything done that I planned. I didn't even do anything on Sarah's quilt or Emma's but everything else got worked on and even an extra item. It was great. I am really glad I got as much done as I did.

These are blocks for the quilt we started up in Brigham City at the retreat. Love to make this block/ Pattern is Labor Day Stars by Pat Speth,

I'm out of baby quilts right now, so I thought I better get one made just in case. Never know when you might need one. I started this one a few days ago and finished it over the weekend.

Our quilt guild is doing a fun block of the month this year. It's black and white and you add a color that you pick out of a can of crayons each month at guild meeting. You're not supposed to look so it will be a random color quilt. It's supposed to have 12 blocks, but I decided that I would make 2 of each block so that I would have enough for a queensize quilt when I'm done. I love the BQ pattern so I am going to set my quilt together with that. So here are the first two blocks done little differently.

I remembered on Saturday that a friend of mines birthday is in a few days. She loves Nativity sets and I had this great one. Laser cut and fun to do. I think she will like it.

My friend Becky came over and brought me two wonderful treasures. Calendars from 1940 and 1960. I love these. How cute is that baby? The calendars are in terrific shape. I am thrilled.!

Jan has wonderful pictures of Emily Bailey's class at the Quilt Walk. She is one talented lady. Skip on over to take a peek. Get your registrations in. We have lots of fun surprises for you this year!

Tired but happy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I woke up this morning to at least 6" of snow and still snowing hard! The perfect kind of day! No where to go! Do what I want! Home by myself! PJ's it is!

My to do list this weekend:

1. work on taxes for a short (I mean short) period of time
2. finish baby quilt on sewing machine
3. work on Sarah's quilt
4. cut out my friend Emma's quilt
5. work on quilt from Brigham City
6. browse my favorite blogs
7. work on Quilt Walk

Don't you just love 3 day weekends!!

How do you plan to fill your time this weekend?

Don't forget to check out Jan's blog to see the Quilt Walk Teachers.

Also check out Jen Allyson's blog for a wonderful giveaway of her new fabric line Quite Contrary. Beautiful! I want some for sure!

It's still snowing! Yippeee!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! More delectable treats for the eyes!

To continue on with the trunk shows at Ruby's Inn, I want you to see these wonderful quilts. They got my blood racing and my mind spinning. Just what I needed to kick in gear.

Don't you just love new ideas??

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.


Saturday, February 12, 2011


I spent the last couple of days up at Ruby's Inn at a Quilt Retreat put on by Bonnie. Great fun! There were great vendors with all sorts of fabric, kits, books, notions, potions, candy soaps, and everything imaginable to entice us! Yes I did my share (and probably yours too) of shopping! New treasures to add to the collection!

The highlight of the days were the trunk shows and so without further ta doo I am going to show you some of the fun things we were lucky to see!

It was hard to get good pictures as we were all trying to see everything, but I hope this give you a taste. I'll post again tomorrow with more.

I just know that my inspiration well was filled to over flowing!

Just dreaming!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Favorite things ...Snow and Quilting Retreats

This morning I woke up to 2" of snow and still snowing. How much fun is that. Now I can say that because I work 2 blocks from my house. If I had to drive anywhere further than that I would not like it. This is the kind of day that I would have liked to stay home, by the fire(we heat our home with a woodburning stove)sew a new project, drink hot chocolate, and basically just putter, while every once in a while just stopping to gaze out the window. I love that.

What is your favorite way to spend a snow day?

This afternoon Nan and I went up to Ruby's Inn to a Winter Quilt Retreat that Bonnie puts on every February. It is so fun to see all of these ladies. Some of them we only see once a year. It is really good to rceconnect with old friends.

Bonnie was teaching a class on Pineapple Log Cabin Blocks today so Nan and I signed up. It was a technique class and alot of fun.
The following are more of her samples:

Love these colors!

Each was so different!

This one is the one I want to make.

Nan and I just took scraps to make couple of the blocks. It was really fun and I have added a pineapple log cabin quilt to my to do list! Here's my sample block.

Here's Nan's:

Tommorrow we are taking a class to service our featherweights and Friday I am teaching a class. Something fun everyday! This time of the year it is nice to get out of the doldrums of winter and playwith our fabrics!

Let me know what you do to get out of the winter doldrums!

Keep Smiling!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Organization Escapes Me!

Know that I try! I really do, but I am one of those people who love to create in chaos! If stuff isn't stacked up everywhere then then my mind is not in gear. Now I look at all the blogs and get all the ideas, and my intentions are so good....but bottom line, when it comes right down to it... I thrive on chaos! Why fight it!

My cat Missy is such a big helper. She is so supportive. Right now she is wondering why her favorite basket is loaded up with stuff. Quite offended that she couldn't curl up in it. There is always some wonderful place to find to curl up on! Great company!

My friend Jan is giving me a wonderful gift. She is helping me with the Quilt Walk by highlighting all the teachers on her blog. She is so good! I am really blessd with great friends. Check out her blog often, because she will have great things to tell you about our teachers and classes.

I am excited to tell you that we will have the Last Supper Quilt hanging at the Quilt Walk.This quilt was made by Don Locke. Check out his website to see exactly how this masterpiece was made.

It will so amazing to have this quilt in Panguitch. Please help spread the word that it will be here. Hope you can all come to see it!

June will be here before we know it!
I must get with the program!