Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jan's EBAY treasures

Tonight Jan came in all excited with her treasures she had ordered off Ebay. Darling fabric, endless possibilies... She is so excited and so were we! It is so fun to get together and sew on Wednesday nights. Some study Dianne or JeriLu was telling us about said that association with friends was better for you than dieting or exercise(do you think I got that right?) and we all agreed that we were right on top of that finding! I can't think of anything better than sewing with my friends.

Have I told you how spoiled I am? Yes I have, but I forgot to tell you about my friend Marlaine. For my birthday she sent me the Civil War block of the month. I am still in shock for such a treasure and love her to pieces for this amazing gift. Dianne's husband had seen it in a quilt store he and Dianne had gone in and wanted it done for him so he had bought it for Dianne to do. This is a great thing for Dianne and I to do this quilt together. I think 2 heads are better than one. This will be fun to do! I'm so excited that we are doing this together.

Jolene made a great table runner, Jerilu is working on a turkey wallhanging, Nan is doing a Christmas quilt, Marylou is finishing a throw and LaVee is making a skirt for her grandaughter. Can it get much better than that?

We sewed, had great treats, and looked at books, dreaming of the possibilities out there for us. What better way to spend a raining Wednesday evening. Hope yours was just as fun!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Running Behind! Quilt Walk Statue is here!!!

I don't know how people keep up with blogs, facebook, and twitter. I can't do one little blog on time, let alone read any! Anyway two weeks ago was our sewing night and I have pictures to show you of that. Many talented ladies doing fun things!

Last week the Quilt Walk Statue was placed on it's base! Too exciting! I knew we would eventually get it done, but it is here now and it is spectcular! So many people to thank for such a treasure! It takes many hands to get something as wonderful as this done! I want to thank everyone...the ladies and men who come and support the Quilt Walk Festival, all the volunteers who have made the Quilt Walk a success, the people who donated money and time and chocolate items, the people who have worked tiredlessly to get our cement done for the park, Panguitch City, Garfield Co Commissioners, Stan Johnson (the sculptor), Zions Bank, Heritage Highway so many of you have added your touch to make this wonderful project a reality. We have truly been blessed with wonderful friends! We are looking at dedicating it on September 11th, 2010.

It is so amazing how this story has impacted people. Check out my friend Jan's blog and read the story. I was shocked as when friends told me that they had heard the Quilt Walk story on the Spoken Word on KSL on the 25th of July . It sent chills up my back. It was rebroadcast yesterday on KBYU and I was just amazed as I listened.
Look at the legacy those 7 men left!

Monday, July 12, 2010

This is my treasure. I was so totally blown away when my friends presented this wonderful quilt to me at the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival. Nan and Marylou contacted many ladies who sent in blocks and then they put it together. This is absolutely priceless to me. This is the very first time anyone ever made me a quilt. Just for me. It brings a lump to my throat just thinking about it. Can I say I feel truly special?? I am really blessed with such wonderful friends in my life. I hope when I give my quilts to someone that they have 1/10th the joy that I have received from this incredible quilt.