Sunday, August 29, 2010


Nan called and told me to run up and see her sewing room. "It's almost back together again, but I have alot of stuff!" Now just what quilter doesn't! We love stuff. I love all the newest gadgets, a new ruler or pattern will give me a sleepless night, yardage...well we won't go down that road. These are the things I pondered as I drove up the road to Nan's house. Now Nan and I are alot alike. You can never have too much stuff. Our only problem is the time we need to do something with that wonderful "stuff". Nan just took everything out of her sewing room, repainted, carpeted, put up in new shelving, new totes for various fun things and sorted for days. I was excited to see the results!

Nan got an incredible sewing table and chair. We all need room to spread out! It's perfect! Check out the shelves with totes all labeled with what's inside (how great is that?). There are boxes and bins with all of the same things, Jenny Beyer kits, levis that are sewn for a rag quilt, levis that are cut for one, squares, strips, patterns, fat quarters have all found a new home in this wonderful room.

Now Nan's favorite color is red, and if you are ever looking for extra red, you might want to check with her... she probably has it! I love it! It is so good to see someone else with the addiction that I have! As I have said before "You can't have too much fabric".

Now I am inspired to do something with my spaces.(notice I said spaces) I don't know as I will go to the extreme of painting etc, but I do have a bunch of totes waiting to be filled. I just love Nan and she always inspires me to be a better person and a better quilter, and if I haven't seen some new fabric, blog, book or pattern she keeps me updated on that too! Now who could ask for more! Thanks Nan for sharing your sewing room!

Isn't it fun to see where we sew? I don't think it matters where we sew as much as it matters that we sew. With the events in my life in the past few weeks I realize how lucky I am that I have something that literally takes my breath away and I have friends like Nan to share it with. Life is so very good! Make sure you breathe deep and enjoy every day!


  1. That Nan is a cutie. And I know you have been such good friends for a long, long, time. I have been seeing so many blog posts from women who are organizing their rooms. Very inspirational!

  2. Claudia you always say nice things. My room is actural done now and I started back to sewing. It feels better than it looks. Projects here I come.

  3. looks like Nan has great stuff too. i sure wish mine was organized. i think i dont know how... but mostly it just takes time.

  4. My dear Claudia full of grace.
    Thanks for your kindness yesterday. You touch my heart.
    Just wanted to let you know that I put you on my blog I hope some happy quilters I've met in my travels will stop by.