Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life's Journey

We have been in Huntington since Wednesday night, but came home last night on a special errand. Joe (Sherrie's husband) ordered a handmade cherrywood casket from Figs in Orderville and we told him we would go get it. What nice people! The casket is breathtaking! There is a plaque the size of a turkey platter on the inside top that you can have any picture woodburned into. Sherrie loved the property up on the Fishlake and so they had a picture of the valley woodburned onto the plaque. So personal and meaningful. We felt very honored to go pick it up.

Today I made a throw for the casket. I quilted it in heart shaped leaves. I had ask JuNette what she thought about having everyone in the family sign it as a form of saying "Goodbye". She thought that was a great idea. It is a very simple quilt, but it will be full of love.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.



  1. It is so nice to have something very meaningful to do for your family and dear friends..I have always loved your stories of going out with a quilt. Wonderful gestures of love.

  2. Claudia, what a wonderful heartfelt idea...signing of the quilt with a good bye. Every gesture of love and comfort helps for those hurting from such a shocking loss. (We had a suicide in our family a few years husband's son.) So sorry, my sympathy and prayers to all family and friends.

  3. What a lovely idea. Sorry for your loss.