Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday Sewing Night...Re-energizing myself

We had our Wednesday sewing night last week and I think I had a burn out. I literally did not do one thing but talk. I took my basket with blocks to cut for my Civil War Quilt and even took one out to do...but the rotary cutter never met the mat! I just didn't have the umph that it took to concentrate on any one thing. That is very rare for me and I left early, went home and finished watering, took a walk and was in bed by 10:00. Must have been under the weather for sure!

Good thing the other ladies weren't that way. JeriLu showed 3 three quilts that she had just gotten back from Shari

Dianne is way a head of me on the Civil War Quilt blocks. She has at least 6 done and Marylou is just cranking out wonderful tops. It is so fun to see them all.

Do you ever get a moment that you just can't do it? It is so rare for me that Jan even called me the next day and ask if I was sick. I think we all just need to breathe for a moment or two and re-energize. That was what I must have been doing.
What about you? How do you re-energize??? What is that thing you do to completely redo yourself?



  1. SWIM!!!!!! Boy, am I in trouble, since they closed the pool down.

  2. Forget the cares of the day, grab the dog and my walking poles and take a nice long walk. Feel the wind, smell the breeze, look and listen for birds. Let those endorphins refresh my perspective!

  3. MAN! That's the second time I've seen that adorable shepard with sheep quilt. I asked someone else if they knew what the pattern was but never got a response. It's ADORABLE!

  4. Claudia, please don't be under the weather. Hope you are feeling better by now and....i really hope you guys aren't flooded out down there. I heard Panguitch and Escalante had a deluge..(of rain)