Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Week Later

Wow I'ts been a week since the Panguitch Quilt Walk and I am still tired. I forgot to tell you one of my good friends Jan
Won a Bernina Activa 220 from Daves Bernina in Provo and St George! We were all so excited for her. Now if I can only talk her into letting me try it out and make sure it is running good for her. I figure that should take about 6 months...

I promised I would show you pictures of my class, the New Orleans Puzzle. There were 21 ladies and they all got them finished. Too Much fun!

We have already started planning next years festival. Too many fun things to think about!

Hopefully in the next few weeks our Quilt Walk Statue will be coming. I'll keep you posted. Have a great week! Claudia


  1. of course you can borrow the machine. then teach me how to use it.

  2. I am already excited for next year. My 2 non-quilter friends will be coming again next year. They will be officially quilters by then, and taking classes. i'm not surprised.It only takes once and you become addicted... Nice addiction

  3. PS hopefully you will teach that class again so i can take it next time.