Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First off my update on the Joseph Smith Tribute quilt. I have finished 9 log cabin blocks(Block 1) and one large 9 patch variation (block 3) and have blocks 4 & 5 cut out and waiting. I skipped #3 but will get it cut out this week. I am really going to try hard to get alot done on it this weekend. A 3 Day weekend! Hurray!!

I got sidetrack on that quilt last weekend as Nan and I took a trip to Brigham City to The Village Dry Goods quilt retreat. Oh my gosh what fun! We were nervous about going due to the weather...OK Leon was nervous about us going due to the weather, but it all worked out great. Too much inversion though. Now I remember why I hated January in northen Utah. It's such a small world. Roylane and Fran own the store. Rolayne and I went all through middle school and high school together. Rolayne and Fran had invited Pat Speth who wrote all the Nickle Quilt Books to be the teacher. Everything you could possibly do with 5" squares. It was really fun and Pat is one awesome teacher. So many wonderful ways to use the 5" squares.

We got there Thursday night and the class was all day Friday and Saturday. Nan really packed light on this trip ...one bag of her clothes stuff amazing! Now we won't go into details about all the stuff we packed for class!

Motel rooms need to rethink their set up. How can you possibly sew with only one small table? But you all know just how flexible we quilters are! Good thing I am so tall. The bathroom counter worked just great with the help of a couple of pillows in the chair. A girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do!

Friday we were at class at 8:30am eagerly awaiting our day! It was fun because we knew lots of ladies there and many we hadn't seen for a year. Have you noticed when visiting with quilting friends even it you haven't seen them for ages, once you start talking it's like you saw them last week.! Pat started by showing us several quilts to inspire use. What an amazing trunk show and this was just the ones we were going to make. She was doing a large trunk show at dinner Friday night.

I love to go and learn something new. You always pick up those tips that make things so much easier. It's fun to walk around the room and see every one's gadgets and fabric. Here's some more pictures we took in class and tomorrow I will post with pictures from Pat's trunk show. Unbelievable!

Today was a hard day. We buried a good friend and fellow quilter. Anita got sick at the Quilt Walk last summer and I took her to the hospital. Last Monday she died of cancer and was buried today. A hard day. Peace be with you my friend.

Enjoy every minute!

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  1. I am sorry about Anita. It looks like the retreat was a success. Can't wait to see what you did.