Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Favorite Quilt

Many thanks to Amy for the wonderful Bloggers Quilt Festival. It is so fun to see all the quilts and read about them.

I have made this quilt a zillion times in my mind the last 13 years. I based it on the story of the pioneer Quilt Walkers who walked on quilts over the mountains from Panguitch to Parowan to get food for the starving settlers of Panguitch. I drew it and drew it and each year I thought would make it. This last spring I finally got around to starting it. I wanted it finished before the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival in June and before we dedicated our statue and park to the Quilt Walkers.

This festival is such a part of my life that I knew I had to do a quilt to represent how I felt about it. We now have a wonderful park to commemorate this incredible journey and the 7 men who made it. And I have a quilt that when I look at it gives me chills to think of the struggles these men had walking 40 miles each way in deep snow to bring supplies to their families. I am very blessed to live in such a wonderful town and have them many quilting friends who fill my life!

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  1. This is a brilliant quilt. I show my t-shirt to many visitors who come to my house (becasue that is the only tangible thing i have to show) I get so many responses using the word "incredible" Especially the silhouette.