Monday, October 11, 2010

A Productive Weekend!!!

This weekend I had numerous projects to finish.. You know that have a schedule and no one around to bother you and you're off. I had three Turning Twenty quilts to sew together and get quilted, a baby quilt to quilt and a patriot star throw. My quilting machine is in a building in my back yard that has no heat and in the winter when I quilt, I plug in an electric heater. Now depending on how cold it is, it takes a while to heat up. So my theory this year was to get most of my Christmas quilting done now. It is warm outside and inside and peaceful. Give me a book on tape and I am set.
Saturday I quilted the king sized Turning Twenty. I love to quilt on my machine. This quilt is for a friend of mine who is getting married in two weeks. Western Boots and hats fit Justin perfectly and that's what the pattern was I used to quilt it.

Sunday I quilted the patriotic throw. I am just loving practicing free hand quilting. There are so many wonderful ideas to us. After I got done with the quilting I finished embroidering a sampler.

Today the last day of my three days off, I quilted the baby quilt. It's bright and colorful and for a wonderful friend's daughter who is having her first child. It's a little girl and I think this will be really fun for her. Now I just have bindings to put on all of them. Yes I didn't get the other two Turning Twenty quilts sewed together, but I am loving making something and quilting it in the same week. Amazing!

The best surprise this weekend came in the mail from Canada. Cathy Miller the Singing Quilter wrote a song about the Quilt Walk and put it on her new cd. She used my Quilt walker quilt as part of the inside cd cover. She sent me a copy and I love it! She is coming to the Quilt Walk next summer to teach and do a trunk show and of course sing the song! I'm really excited about that!

Now was that a busy weekend or what. Leon was in SLC, and so I just sewed along all weekend. I love it when I can see progress. I am excited with all the possibilities that I have to do. Oh and guess what I found while looking for a back for the baby quilt? 4 flannel quilt tops (throw size) that I totally forgot I had. I really like to have some on hand to give away when needed and so now I just need to quilt them up. It is pretty scary that I have that much stuff that I couldn't even remember doing them. How about you...have you come across hidden treasures you forgot?

It was such a beautiful weekend, I did get out and go for a walk each day and lunch with friends two days., so I wasn't a total hermit. But I really love my sewing weekends. Don't we all?



  1. Girlie...looks like you have been quite productive! That is so neat about the Singing Quilter! I just love what her and her husband do. Is there anywhere to listen to the song now?
    Love your quilts!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. How fun that you will have your own song and music for Quilt Walk.

  3. i am soo jealous. I have so many projects i would love to get to